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Caring for Hands for over 25 years, whatever your hand washing needs, you can relax knowing that our kind formulas clean, care for and protect your skin, leaving you free to get stuck into life!

Carex is the hand hygiene expert, cleaning and protecting millions of hands every day.

Our experts have developed a range of antibacterial hand washes using a special combination of ingredients which are gentle to the skin and designed to remove dirt, grease and bacteria from your hands in one wash.

Discover a healthier world with Carex!
Protecting your family is always important and washing your hands regularly and properly not only removes dirt from your hands but also helps prevent the spread of bacteria. Our hands come into contact with more dirt than any other part of our body, they also come into contact with our mouth and food more than anything else too, which is why effective hand washing with Carex is so important.

We want you to be able to live life to the fullest and not worry about bacteria.

Carex caters for all kinds of needs and skin types with a range of variants that will help moisturise, nourish and refresh your hands.

Our Products

Carex Original Antibacterial Hand Wash
The true original, Carex Original Hand Wash, can be found in countless kitchens and bathrooms across the country, and is loved by millions who simply can’t do without it. Carex Original Hand Wash features our Dermacare formula which actively enhances the skins natural pH, the natural moisturisers help leave skin feeling soft and smooth, and the gentle cleansers effectively remove dirt and germs. We wash our hands countless times a day which is why we’ve developed our skin kind range. That’s why we Carex. 

Carex Aloe Vera Antibacterial Hand Wash
Aloe Vera has been used to cleanse and heal for thousands of years. In fact Cleopatra (pharaoh of ancient Egypt) famously attributed her beauty to the aloe vera plant, and people all over the world make use of its benefits for both health and beauty.  The formula is gentle but effective in removing dirt and bacteria from your hands in one wash.

Carex Moisture Plus Antibacterial Hand Wash
We know that dry hands need special attention. This is why our experts have developed a formula designed to give even the driest hands a super smooth feel after washing.  Carex Moisture Plus Antibacterial Hand Wash contains Vitamin E and important moisturising ingredients found naturally on your hands that help your skin repair and regenerate itself.

Carex Sensitive Antibacterial Hand Wash
Some of us are more sensitive than others when it comes to washing and need a little extra care. Itching and soreness can be common when washing easily aggravated skin.

Where to buy

You can find Carex products in lots of stores all over the country including all major retailers, such as:

Musgrave Cash & Carry